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The term is an acronym. Originally it meant “local area network”, or “local network” in the language of frog eaters. During those atrabilary times that some people call “the 80s”, the only way to get his friends excited about computers was to invite your entire orchestra into the same kitchen with their imposing computers. It seems favourable to us to point out that at the time, laptops didn’t really exist.

What it's a LAN Esport ?

Those funny actors would take their belfries, screens and the flock of cables that came with them, load everything into the pack in their car to gather and play. These little sauteries still exist today.

They’re lan. The lan pro technology lan appeared in American universities in the 1960s. At that time, these computer networks were used to transmit library lists, student schedules and school grades.

Companies did not see the value of lan until 1976, when xerox park developed ethernet technology. Chase Manhattan Bank was the first to require this technology for consulting purposes and by 1980 many companies were using the lan to group together a large number of computers, printers and storage media.

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